Ice Fishing is GREAT FUN! Check out this video to see what you’re missing

Caution: Video contains strong language when things do not go well

Looks like great fun, doesn’t it? And it is! But there are few things as frustrating as preparing for a day of ice fishing, gathering and bundling your equipment, setting out early, putting up your ice shack, drilling holes in the ice, baiting your hooks, placing your tip-ups…

And not catching a darn thing!

The experienced ice fisherman’s bible!

The good news is you can take steps to prevent that from happening. If you’re looking to increase the odds of a successful day out on the ice, put in you first name and your best email address in the box on your right and instantly download our FREE top ice fishing tips.

Every experienced ice fisherman knows that careful preparation and know-how greatly increases the odds of bringing home a healthy number of fish. Knowing where to drill, what to bring, how to dress and what you need to do to remain safe out there is better than half the battle. So sign up for the FREE ice fishing tips on the top right and instantly download the information that will help make your next ice fishing trip a big success!

A lull in the action? Fish aren’t biting? 

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